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UNDERSTANDING GOD'S OVERALL PLAN is written for those who are not intimidated by accurate information that may not agree with your personal theology.  If you like discovery that challenges your thinking and takes you further down the road to the Spiritual history of our life here and the one that is to come, then you will not be able to put this book down.  David challenges his readers to prove one fact in this book wrong.

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Additional questions & answers can be found in the Q & A Section and in the book (the book provides greater details to many of these questions.)

The Importance of the Original Languages

The vast majority of people in this country make the mistake of accepting English translations of the Bible as the only one they need to understand God and His ways.  However, the Bible was not originally written in English.  It was translated from Hebrew, Chaldee and Greek.  Consequently, there is much content lost by honest mistakes and even more lost through deliberate changes by unholy hands and heads repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Through the years, good sincere people obey the traditions of their church or family rather than following the Word of God.  In these last days, God is removing the scales from the eyes of His people so they will be able to see the hidden truths that have been in plain sight all the time.  We are living in the days that the Bible calls the Fig Tree Generation.  Jesus told us to learn the parable of the fig tree. This is that generation you are living in right now.  What I am saying is that your relationship with your Father, now and in the future, is dependent upon you taking responsibility for yourself.  If you study with understanding, you will learn the hidden mysteries that are there for those who make the effort to dig it out.  Blindly accepting what someone else tells you is not advisable without checking it out in the manuscripts.

Your soul is too important.  If what you have been taught is true, then it will line up with the manuscripts.  If it does not agree with the manuscripts, you have bought into the traditions of men and the blessings of God will not follow you.

How can you really know what is really true? After all one group says this and another, that, and they all say they got it from the Bible.  So how can you know for sure? The answer is very simple. Go to the manuscripts yourself.  Check it out for yourself.  By doing this consistently you will find many things that our Father would have us know about living up to our full potential.

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